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Patrick Kearney David Hill

Patrick Wayne Kearney Signed Letter And Envelope Set With Zodiac's Coded Message

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Patrick Wayne Kearney homosexual trashbag serial killer whose murders began in the 1960's and continued until his arrest in 1977. Kearney, a necrophiliac would shoot his victims without warning.  He would then mutilate and dismember his victims, discarding their remains in trash bags along freeways or in the desert. 

Handwritten two page letter dated April 30, 2017 on one sheet of paper and hand signed twice. He has written about infamous killers, Ed Kemper, Charles Manson and Bruce Davis Hand signed on the top front, Kearney and hand signed at the close, Patrick.
On a separate sheet of paper, Kearney has written a coded message from the Zodiac Killer.

Includes the original prison stamped mailing envelope hand signed, Pat Kearney.

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