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Ted Bundy Prison Correspondence Wife Carol Boone Murderabilia

Ted Bundy Three Prison Letters Xmas Card Letter from Carole Bundy Photo and Jail Memo

$ 7,500.00

Ted Bundy Lot consisting of three handwritten letters with envelopes, one handwritten Christmas card, one typed letter and envelope from Bundy’s wife, Carol Boone Bundy. Also included is, one unpublished photo taken at Florida State Prison and one copy of a Memo from the Dade County Jail 1979.  The letters are written to a woman who knew Theodore Bundy prior to his crimes, during their time with the Young Republicans in Seattle, WA.  The two corresponded over the course of his time in various county jails, trials, and ultimate incarceration on Florida’s death row. 

1 - One page 1979 copy of a Dade County Jail Memo regarding, inmate Theodore Bundy as being an ‘extreme escape risk.’  The memo is directed to, ‘All Members Team 4’ from Sgt. Martin Kratz, Team Leader #4. It then lists a series of directions, which they refer to as ‘items,’ that are to be strictly followed without exception.

2 – Handwritten letter by Bundy dated March 23, 1982 front and back of an 8 ½” x 14” page signed at the close, “With Love, Ted”.  Envelope postmarked March 24, 1982 signed, “T. Bundy”.

3 -Handwritten Christmas card by Bundy, dated February 12, 1987 signed on the back, “Peace, Ted”.

4 - Four-page handwritten letter dated November 2, 1982 by Bundy on two 8 ½” x 14” pages, the second page has slight wrinkles along the top. Talks about his family, photos of his daughter and much more. Signed at the close, “With Love, Ted”.  Includes the envelope signed, “T. Bundy”.

5 - Four-page handwritten letter dated December 14, 1982 by Bundy on two 8 ½” x 14” pages with content about his wife, daughter and more.  Signed at the close, “My love to you and yours, Ted”.  Includes the envelope signed, “T. Bundy”.

6 - Wife of Ted Bundy, Carole Ann Boone Bundy, typed two-page letter on a sheet of green paper with a handwritten ‘P.S’ and signed, “Love, Trixie”.   In part she writes about Christmas presents, a visit with the recipient, Ted’s concern due to his time in prison he wouldn’t make good conversation, talking with Ted’s mom and that she’d receive their letter, visiting Ted, giving her son a hard time about visiting, necking for almost 6 hours and more. Includes the original mailing envelope postmarked November 18, 1980.  Writing on the back in an unknown hand, probably the recipients.

7 - Unpublished photo with three other condemned prisoners at Florida State Prison (different photo than the one in the 10 letter lot)

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