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charles manson my med file signed postcard

Charles Manson Signed Prison Stamped Postcard

$ 250.00

Charles Manson prison stamped postcard with a blue ATWA stamp on the front. Postmarked March 18, 2002. 
Manson has signed, "C Manson" with his complete address in the upper left corner. The recipient's name has been covered with a sticker of Manson's eyes.
On the back Manson has written, "My med, Dr's file says I got allerfies so I can get thermals I don't spell long underwear long johns 2 stes as large as they got.  That way I can adjust them to fit for comfort. I go this thing I always adjust everything around me to be simple and easy.  Once I had a grand house I lived on the outside on its yard garden grass.  Pee wee knows how to do it.

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