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charles manson jack in the back signed postcard

Charles Manson Signed Salvador Dali El Torero Postcard

$ 499.00

Charles Manson 4" x 6" Salvador Dali postcard of his famous 'El Torero Alucinogeno' painting postmarked March 27, 2007. Manson's name and return address are stamped in the upper left corner. The recipient's name and address have been covered with a sticker of Manson's eyes from his infamous Ventura CA mugshot.
Manson has written, "Jackel Jack in the back. Jo the grander trying to find her. No slack. The lip bit the tip there was no moow at the hog farm. T he carmer charmed and who out foxed the fox no one knows but you".
Signed, Easy Charles Manson.

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