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Charles Manson Two Page Letter Signed Charles Mac Manson - Supernaught True Crime Collectibles - 1

Charles Manson Two Page Letter Signed Charles Mac Manson

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Charles Manson two page handwritten letter. Manson writes "Knowing is itself and belongs to no one.  Anyone can know.  In the know is the real and richous richous.  RD has no friends or judgements order as is in the know is so order and knowing are like 2 heads in order (1) + (2) Don't look for you in books or others.  That's what makes it hard they fill us full of them and they got it from others gone and we got to think with what we been told and that's distorted --> Starting over.  Is 95 year old 12 year old.   Lyn (last name removed) sounds nice, smart fat and Jewish.  The best minds perfect in there way do lean to learn everything and get all A's and later find they learned alot of bunk.  BUNKUM right... along with what's needed to survive.  I spent well over 15 years in a cage with blind bugs to learn to see how blind I am.  I'm telling you (insert name) to judge anyone is mirror mirror on the wall.    (Insert name) your friend wants a name.  2 names come up in my mind.  I thought I'd  give them both to you, you take one and pass the other one off to her.  Keep this in mind, misty minster of much mology ology shades and shadows.  Fingers is a nmae that says something the more you think about it.  I like a name that keeps on thinking like Ansome.  I know lowdown when they get together everyone becomes looking out, I would call you snake but I don't know you nor you me.  You may be offended and I'm not into offending you.  You been a lot of years in the real.  Wow lets see = fingers - no good.  Lowdown - Ansome.  Fish bait, real late.  Never happen good day jacket head computer breath or ...." Signed, "Charles Mac Manson".

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