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John Wayne Gacy April 1980 attorney letter excellent content death row

John Wayne Gacy April 1980 Attorney Letter

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John Wayne Gacy original two page 8 1/2 x 14" letter to his attorney dated, August 24, 1980 Gacy writes "Dear Sam, Again it was nice to talk to you on the phone.  I hope that you don't think that I am being a pest, but I am and will continue to be.  The more I look into my case, I can't understand how anyone could have convicted me based on what the state attorneys presented at my trial.  However I can't help but think that the defense that we put on helped them.  While you know how I feel about the defense of insanity, I still believe that just letting them prove murder one by one could have never happen.  I think that we were the prevailing force that put the thought in the jury mine.  I also believe that Judge Garrippo didn't help things either.  There are several things that I have been thinking about that lead me to believe that there is alot of error in my case.
In the area of a two part trial that I had I was wondering in that second part, which deals with aggravating and mitigating circumstances.  Why was the state allowed to rebuttal?  From what I can understand, after the conviction, we are on even ground and therefore they do not have the right to a second chance after you present are arguement.  Correct me if I am wrong.
When we win a chance for a new trial, do I have to go with the same defense meaning insanity?  And do I have to follow the motions that were passed prior to the first trial?  Another worth, during the appeal do they also overturn the motions at the same time?  I know that you mention that the case goes backward starting with the death penalty and then the conviction and so forth back to the motions. 
Remember way back in January of 1979, when I asked you about F. Lee Bailey you told me that you had talked to him about my case adn you said that he could do me no good.  Are you sure that you talked to him about handle-ing my case or was it your opinion, that he was not interested in my case.  Anyway I have written him to ask him some question in regards to that matter, as it was part of a conversation with Ruebner.
Well I hope that you can get those transcripts down to me, as I have to get started taking them apart witness by witness giving them a break down of each person as I know them and what they know about me.  Do you remember how I had did those workups on people that were employed by me and people that I had known before I was arrested.   Well Allen Goldburg will need them and also the new ones that I will make up from the trial transcripts.
Also, do you still have copies of the inventories that I took of the house and the garage where I listed the property item by item, room by room.  I would like to have them so that I can make copies and to up date them, by value and by items that I may have missed in the beginning.
In regards to what you adn I were talking about with the log book.  Since my new book only starts with January 23rd, 1980 at 2 P.M.   I am certain that it had to be Warren Thompson who pick up the other book that day.  Because I think that you had Nick with my mother and sister who came that afternoon.  Because I remember him telling me that he would be back with cigars for the trip to Rockford.  I also think that at the same time he picked up some of the puzzles that I had on that wall of the room at Cermack.  Have you picked up everything that was at your California street office?  Don't forget to pick up a new book as this one is almost filled or at least it will run out by the end of September.
I would also like to know if you ever got back from Dr. Lawrence Freedman the family tree and blueprints of my house that I made for you.  I would like to have them when you bring down the other things.  Also please make a list of what you are giving me when you come down, because they will not give the things to me at the same time you are here and I want to have a check list so nothing is missing.  You know how things have a habit of coming up missing.  Anyway this way you and I will be able to double check the list. 
page two

Well I guess that this is easier to read then my chicken writing.  I haven't typed in about three years but I will get the hang of it.  My trouble that I am always two words ahead of what I am typing.   I used to be able to typed 45 words a minute without mistakes, but this damn typewriter is used by nigger and they pound on each key so hard that they all stick.  I had a good one but they rotate the typewriter so you don't get the same one back.  I am hoping to buy one when and if I get some money.  I was hoping that Nick was able to get rid of some of the things from the warehouse and I would use the money for a typewriter they wno't let you have electric just manuel.  I was thinking of a Smith-Carrona or a Olvetti because they have a nice keyboard.  Anyway at least my letter would look better.
Oh, in regards to the Social Security books that I asked you for you can forget them, as I have already filed.  If they accept my claim I culd be receiving anywhere from $172.00 to $554.00 a month depending on my earning.  Since I have been paying the maximum into Social Security for the last eight years I should do alright if they follow through on my claim.  In all I have paid into Social Security for over twenty years.
Also I have contacted Franklin Life Insurance Company, and told them that I would like to cash in my policy.  They have sent me forms and I have returned them to them, so I am waiting to hear from them.  The case value of the policy is about $900.00  I will keep part and send the rest to my mother, as she hasn't got much income.  The same goes with whatever I get from Social Security.
Well now that Bob has got back from California without sending at least a postcard.  I hope that you will be able to make it down here this time.
Enclosed please find a copy of the newspaper clipping and the letter that Ralph Ruebner sent to sissy Franzen.  He's calls me a whiner and yet there not a man down here that doesn't complain about something down here, the only difference is that I say it to his face since he seems to stop by my cell everytime he comes on the unit.  Remember when he got into that mess with taking the state plane down to Florida, well I blasted him on that.  You know that I am not tactful, so I say what's on my mind when he comes in front of the wardens.  While the rest of these guys are scared to get in.
I have written to Dr. Lawrence Freedman and to Dr. Tobias Brocher, but I haven't heard from either of them.  I am wondering if they received the letter or if they are just too busy to write.
Well I guess I will close for now, I hope that you go over my last five letters so that you don't forget the things that I have put in them.

Typed signed, "Bye for now  Sincerely, J.W. Gacy".

Includes the original prison mailed envelope.

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