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John Wayne Gacy Letter Signed with Envelope Set - Supernaught True Crime Collectibles - 1

John Wayne Gacy Letter Signed with Envelope Set

$ 195.00

John Wayne Gacy letter from December 1989 regarding the death of his mother, Marion Gacy. Sent by Gacy at a time when he wanted his pen pals to sign a contract stating they would not share his personal correspondence with the media.  Ironically, it was during this time that Gacy was working with a publisher to have his incoming letters published in a book titled "They Call Him Mr. Gacy" without the permission of the people writing to him. When was confronted by a pen pal about his wanting signed contracts, Gacy sent a classic reply that he was too broken up about his mother's death just two weeks before to give a proper reply.  His mother's obituary is xeroxed at the top of the letter.  This is classic, typical Gacy which illustrates the games he's play with his pen pals.  Excellent content.  Letter is 8 1/2" x 11" in size. Signed, "J.W.".

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