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roy norris signed prison photo shu

Roy Norris May 1994 Photo Signed

$ 225.00

Roy Norris who along with his co-defendant Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker dubbed the "Murder Mack" and the "Toolbox Killers." 

Bittaker died in prison on December 13, 2019 and Norris passed away on February 24, 2020.

4" x 6" photo taken in the early 1990's while Norris was housed at California's infamous Pelican Bay prison.  The back includes a handwritten message which reads, "This photo was originally taken on September 23, 1994 at Pelican Bay State Prison's maximum security SHU -> C Facility.  The Warden ordered it taken - and to be sent to my mom per her request. She hadn't seen me since 1970 at the LA County Jail, and was physically unable to travel. Signed on the front, Roy L. Norris.

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