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Theodore Bundy

Ted Bundy Signed Overdue Christmas Card

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Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who was executed on January 24, 1989.
Late Christmas card to a longtime friend of his who Bundy and his family knew before he was ever arrested for murder.
Hand dated on the inside, February 12, 1987. Bundy writes, "Dear ___, This is the Christmas card I've had picked out for you since well before Christmas. I know you felt badly that you didn't receive word from me at Christmas. I feel badly about it too. I didn't seem to be able to bring myself to send out Christmas cards last year. I had them but.... 
Following the last stay of execution in November I found myself in a particularly reclusive state of mind. I don't understand why. I had virtually no motivation to communicate with the outside world, with the exception of Carole. 
I have continued to read and enjoy your letters and clippings. I have finally reached the point where I said to myself, February or not, I have got to not only write but send the long overdue Christmas card.
I thought you'd like this one with its classic view of a New York landmark.
I send my love to you, ____, ____ and the rest of your family. Peace, Ted.

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